Festool 204922 Suction hose D27/32x5m-AS/CTR

Festool 204922 Suction hose D27/32x5m-AS/CTR

for CT 26/36/48
for CT MINI and CT MIDI from YOM 2019 onwards

5m length

Product Specifications:

  • Model
  • 204922
  • EAN
  • 4014549349885
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Smooth and even more effortless – for perfect sliding over the surface.

  • Robust, smooth outer skin prevents the suction hose from becoming caught
  • Internal, extremely elastic suction hose for maximum flexibility
  • Conical geometry (27 mm to 32 mm) for improved suction power
  • The CLEANTEC extraction sleeve securely connects the suction hose and power tool with bayonet fitting
  • With RFID chip for automatic suction hose detection
  • The initial piece and end piece of two suction hoses can be connected by inserting one into the other, therefore transforming two hoses into a single long one
  • The initial piece and end piece of a hose can be slotted together for transport – this keeps any remaining dust in the hose
  • antistatic
  • temperature-resistant to +70 °C
  • with rotating adapter and connector
  • smooth
  • Conical
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