V-Coil 04030 Thread Insert System M14 x 1.25

V-Coil 04030 Thread Insert System M14 x 1.25

Easily and quickly repairs damaged threads
  • Model
  • VOE04030
  • EAN
  • 4022835040309
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Thread Repair of damaged or worn-out threads
Thread Armour Plating for material with low shear strength
Recovery of rejected items 
For new highly stable and long-lasting internal threads 
Perfect for maintenance, installation and small series production
Wire Thread Inserts DIN 8140, tolerance ISO 2 (6H), Type S - free running, from stainless steel


Flexible application through more inserts
For thread cutting by hand
Higher load capacity after the repair by better thread properties, temperature and corrosion resistance


STI-Short Machine Taps, ForD, HSS-G, 14 x 1.25
10x wire thread inserts - type S - free running M 14 x 1.25 – 1.5 D
Inserting tool with locking ring, No. 17

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