Festool 495661 DOMINO, beech D 4x20/450 BU

Festool 495661 DOMINO, beech D 4x20/450 BU

4mm pack of 450 beech DOMINO for DF 500
  • Model
  • 495661
  • EAN
  • 4014549101230
  • UPC
  • D 4x20/450 BU
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£19.74 (inc VAT)

100% rotation-proof right from the first DOMINO

Excessive glue can escape through the lateral longitudinal grooves

Quick finding of the right dowel through imprinted size specifications

Specially formed glue pockets and longitudinal grooves distribute the glue evenly, for optimal joining

The cross cut of a DOMINO dowel corresponds to that of three round dowels of the same drill diameter, meaning that it is extremely steady in comparison

The laterally projecting guide ribs centre the dowel in the middle of the DOMINO milling groove and thus ensure perfect alignment of workpieces

Dimensions: 4 x 20 mm

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