Marcrist 496.601.002 Multi Material Drill Set (hex shank)

Marcrist 496.601.002 Multi Material Drill Set (hex shank)

Set of five drills; 1 x 5mm, 2 x 6mm, 1 x 7mm, 1 x 8mm
  • Model
  • 496.601.002
  • EAN
  • 5036197063585
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£16.66 (inc VAT)
  • World's first self-centring multi-construction drill … no slip or wander

  • Special cutting geometry for clean holes

  • Suitable for both rotary and percussion drilling

  • Revolutionary tip design for ultimate speed and life

  • World's only multi-material drill with 30 day money back guarantee

  • Exceptional cost saving

  • Hex bit and round shaft fits all cordless machines

Suitable For:

Aluminium, Asphalt, Block Pavers, Blockwork, Building Materials, Cast Concrete, Chipboard, Class A Engineering Bricks, Class B Engineering Bricks, Clay Roof Tiles, Concrete, Concrete Roof Tiles, Copper, Corrugated Sheet Metal, Dry Wall, Extremely Hard Building Materials, Facing Bricks, Fibreglass, Granite, Gypsum Board, Hard Concrete, Indian Sandstone, Laminates, Lignacite Blocks, Marble, Masonry, Metal Ducting, Mortar Render, Natural Stone, Natural Stone Tiles, Plasterboard, Plastic Piping, Plastics, Plywood, Polycarbonate, Prestressed Concrete, Profiles, PVC, Reinforced Concrete, Render, Sandwhich Materials, Sandwich Materials, Screed, Sheet Metal, Slate, Tiles, Unreinforced Concrete, Wood