Trend SNAP/FS/28 Snappy Forstner Bit 28mm

Trend SNAP/FS/28 Snappy Forstner Bit 28mm

Made from high quality forged and ground Carbon Steel the Trend Snappy Forstner Bits are designed for drilling high quality, ultra-clean and accurate holes 28mm
  • Model
  • SNAP/FS/28
  • EAN
  • 5027654320808
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28mm diameter and 80mm overall length for direct fit to Trend Snappy Chuck for hand held use.

Can also be used in a pillar drill for consistent depth control.

Can be used for decorative work and can drill on an edge or make overlapping holes; ideal for introducing unique designs and features to your work.

The centre point, two peripheral cutting edge and two lifter design makes the cleanest of holes in hard and softwoods, ideal for quality work.

Durable and hardwearing in timber, the bit can also be resharpened when required for long lifespan.