Wera 056368 Bit-Check 10 PZ BiTorsion Set

Wera 056368 Bit-Check 10 PZ BiTorsion Set

Wera Bit-Check 10 PZ BiTorsion  Set - 10 pieces
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  • 05056368001
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The Wera Bit-Check 10 PZ BiTorsion 1, with Rapidaptor is designed for compact and organised tool storage. Utilising a unique combination of special material, hardening and precision manufacture, BI-TORSION bits are designed to prevent premature wear and dramatically extend service life. The patented Torsion zone absorbs peak stress loads that normally destroy bits.

BTZ EXTRA-TOUGH bits are suited to hard, metal jointing, threaded fasteners and general use. The holder with quick-release chuck offers press-in auto-lock and rapid one-handed bit changes for insert and power bits. The holder spin sleeve allows the steadying of the screwdriving. Wera Bit-Checks feature a compact design to safely store bits and bit holders in a case that provides fast and easy tool selection. So slim it can fit into your pocket. Drive and size are colour coded for easy selection of the right bit.

Contains the following:

1 x 1/4in x 50mm Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder

9 x 855/1 BTZ Pozidriv 25mm Bits: PZ2(x7), PZ3(x2)

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