Trend FTS/KIT/MK2 Fast Track MK2 Sharpener

Trend FTS/KIT/MK2 Fast Track MK2 Sharpener

Simple to use Sharpener Guide for consistent edges on Chisels and plane irons. Four Honing Angles 25°, 27.5°, 30° & 32.5° for increased honing and edge reshaping options
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Removeable Centring Clip positions narrow blades and chisels centrally to maximise the sharpening stroke for increased efficiency

Non-slip nitrile rubber feet help keep the Fast Track securely in place on any surface

Ergonomic Carriage Caps For increased comfort over longer periods of sharpening

Laterally sharpened edges are more durable & less prone to fracturing

Consistent sharpening angle promotes tool life

Creates a perfect square edge with a flat ground finish

Magnetic Stone Holders keeps each stone securely in place for safe, easy operation

1st Angle: 25 degree
2nd Angle: 27.5 degree
Grit size: 220 & 450
Stone colour: Black & White
Tool width: 3 mm to 65 mm
Stone size: 76 mm x 24 mm x 4mm
3rd Angle: 30 degree
4th Angle: 32.5 degree