Bosch 2608900940 Sanding Sheet ExC470 93x186mm 180Grit

Bosch 2608900940 Sanding Sheet ExC470 93x186mm 180Grit

By combining sharp grains and anti-clogging technology, the EXPERT C470 Sandpaper maintains its exceptional capabilities throughout. This means you can work faster, for longer, without compromising on the finish.
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  • 2 608 900 940
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  • 4059952542782
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To achieve the very best sanding surface, our aggressive grain alignment production method aligns the grits to offer their sharpest side. Then we cover them with strong bonding and an anti-clog coating. Along with an optimum grain density, this ensures maximum speed and minimal clogging.

Up to 2x faster than Bosch C420 Sandpaper

Exceptional abrasion with Bosch Surface Structure.

Just stick it on with hook and loop.

Ideal for highly effective fast sanding of flat surfaces; to remove old paint; or to smooth, prepare and finish surfaces.

Pack of 50