Estwing E3-20CAB Curved All-Blue Hammer 560g (20oz)

Estwing E3-20CAB Curved All-Blue Hammer 560g (20oz)

The Estwing E3-20CAB 20oz 343mm Blue Nylon Grip Curved Claw Hammer, a robust and comfortable tool designed for professionals.
  • Model
  • E3-20CAB
  • EAN
  • 0034139624028
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Known for their exceptional quality, Estwing has crafted this hammer from a single piece of premium American steel, eliminating the risk of breakages due to its jointless design.

The E3-20CAB is not only highly durable but also well-balanced, making it easy to wield.

To ensure maximum comfort during use, Estwing has equipped this hammer with their Blue Shock Reduction Grip. This feature dampens vibrations when tackling demanding woodworking jobs, such as hammering thick nails into hardwood. 

The E3-20CAB also boasts a smooth face, ensuring it won't leave an imprint on nails when struck, reducing the chance of damaging your workpiece.