Faithfull FAIPFLEXMAS Flexifit Master Trowel

Faithfull FAIPFLEXMAS Flexifit Master Trowel

The Faithfull Flexi Master Trowel is designed for use with the Flexi Plastic and Stainless Steel Blades as part of the Flexi Range which features various blade sizes.
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It is made from high-grade stainless steel and features an aluminium shank that is riveted to the blade for extra strength and durability when used as the handle for the Flexi Blades.

Simply select your blade and insert the Flexi Master Trowel into the Flexifit system and start plastering.

When a change of blade is needed or the job is complete, slide the Master Trowel out and swap blades if necessary.

The trowel's ‘camel back’ handle is ergonomically shaped which allows for extra knuckle clearance and has a soft-grip for added comfort during prolonged use.


Length: 200mm
Width: 70mm
Blade Thickness: 1mm

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