Garryson 36GRED Garryflex Abrasive Block 36 Grit

Garryson 36GRED Garryflex Abrasive Block 36 Grit

This Garryflex abrasive is a medium rubber block (approx. 3 1/4" x 2"). It consists of durable rubber filled uniformly with tough abrasive grit. It's suited for the cleaning and polishing of various metals and ceramics.
  • Model
  • 36GRED
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  • 5055320318583
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These blocks serve as a superior alternative to emery cloth, wet and dry materials, wire wool, and similar options.

Suitable for application on iron, steel, aluminium, plastics, ceramics, paintwork, and more.

The Garryflex block can be used with water, washing up liquid, white spirit, or paraffin for cleaning purposes.

Can be cut into a required shape or used in the block form. Suitable for cleaning an area of a surface or simply to create a satin finish

Extra Coarse 36 Grit