Milwaukee M12B2 M12 12V 2Ah Red Lithium-ion Battery

Milwaukee M12B2 M12 12V 2Ah Red Lithium-ion Battery

This 2Ah 12 volt battery is designed to provide optimal performance for your cordless power tools, making it an essential addition to your toolkit.
  • Model
  • M12B2
  • EAN
  • 4002395377251
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Featuring sophisticated REDLINK‚™ Intelligence electronics and overload protection. This innovative technology prevents damage to your cordless power tools in abusive situations.

The battery is equipped with a temperature Management System that maintains the battery within the ideal temperature range, thereby extending its lifespan. The individual Cell Monitoring feature ensures optimal charge and discharge for maximum battery life, while the discharge protection prevents cell damage from over-discharge.

With up to 2X more run time, 20% more power, and up to 2X more recharges compared to other Lithium-Ion technologies or previous Milwaukee® battery technology, this battery is designed to deliver superior performance.

It also features a fuel gauge to display the remaining charge