Pica 7070 Fine Dry Automatic Pencil 0.9mm

Pica 7070 Fine Dry Automatic Pencil 0.9mm

The special lead diameter of only 0.9 mm is ideal for fine and precise marking, without sharpening.
  • Model
  • 7070
  • EAN
  • 4260056158384
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The marking tool for highest precision 

  • With effective dust and water protection: push button as umbrella cap and sealing ring on barrel
  • Its integrated large eraser enables quick correction of markings
  • Equipped with 5 graphite leads in HB
  • Sustainable due to refill ability with different leads
  • High value push mechanism for automatic lead feed in a stainless steel tube 
  • Barrel with roll stop
  • Suitable replacement leads -  PICA7030 or PICA7050
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