Rawl Fixings R-SM-05065 M5 x 65mm Interset 100 Pieces
Rawl Fixings

Rawl Fixings R-SM-05065 M5 x 65mm Interset 100 Pieces

A rapid and reliable cavity-space fixing. The metal Interset cavity fixing has expanding arms that spread out behind the board and press against a large surface. It has anti-rotation lock, which prevents rotation during installation.
  • Model
  • R-SM-05065
  • EAN
  • 5906675172422
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It is suitable for gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fibreboards, chipboards, fibre cement boards, wood wool building slabs, hard fibreboards, hollow brick ceilings, ribbed floors and hollow stone fillers, hollow body ceilings etc.

Ideal for fixing lamps, shelves, skirting boards, switches, overhead cabinets, curtain rails, cable ducts, window frames, boilers, wardrobes etc.

Can be secured using a slotted/pozi screwdriver or with a professional setting tool if a large number is required.

Board thickness range 16 - 30mm

Hole diameter 11mm

Pack Contents: 100 pieces approximately