Stanley STA112220 No.220 Block Plane

Stanley STA112220 No.220 Block Plane

This professional general-purpose adjustable Block Plane has a fine grey iron body and is adjustable for depth of cut and alignment.
  • Model
  • STA112220
  • EAN
  • 3253561122200
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A block plane is designed to cut end grain and is typically small enough to be used with one hand with the cutting blade (also known as an iron) bedded at a lower angle with the bevel up compared against other planes.

It is frequently used for paring end grain, possible because its blade had been set at a shallow bed angle.

This allows the blade to slice through end grain more efficiently; furthermore, for this to work, the plane is frequently held at an angle sometimes as much as 45° to the direction of travel, so that the cutting edge slices the wood fibers as they pass from one end of the cutting edge to the other.

A block plane has many other uses in woodworking, ideal for cleaning up components by removing thin shavings of wood in to make a component fit within fine tolerances.

Chamfering (angling square edges) and removing glue lines are some of the other uses woodworkers find for the block plane.

Cutter Width: 40mm (1.5/8in).

Length: 180mm (7in).