Trend GRAB/ME1/SET Trend Grabit Screw Extractor Set

Trend GRAB/ME1/SET Trend Grabit Screw Extractor Set

This versatile double-ended bit removes damaged screws, machine screws and broken bolts from wood, metal and plastic. A  4 piece set for removing damaged screws and bolts from 3mm to 6mm diameter
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Small diameter for more intricate work and tighter access.

Ideal for model engineering, electronics, precision instruments.

It can remove screw sizes from Nos. 0 to 10 (1.6 mm to 5 mm) and broken bolts from size M3 to M6.

Use on Phillips, Pozi, slotted, hex, Torx, square, Tri-wing screws etc.

Removes cleanly from wood, metal or plastic. Made from High Speed Steel.

Removes screws made of any alloy including soft brass.

Removes free spinning screws. Winslow tip for self centring.

Double-ended (burnisher & tapered thread).

Serrated extracting end of tool results in greater torque for hard to remove screws.

Hex shoulder to aid removal of jammed screw or bolt.

Screw sizes: No.0 to No.10
Screws sizes: 1.6 mm to 6 mm
Bolt sizes: M3 to M6
Micro No.1 for screw sizes: No.0 to No.2 (1.6 mm to 2 mm), bolt M3
Micro No.2 for screw sizes: No.2 to No.4 (2 mm to 3 mm), bolt M4
Micro No.3 for screw sizes: No.4 to No.7 (3 mm to 4 mm), bolt M5
Micro No.4 for screw sizes: No.7 to No.10 (4 mm to 5 mm), bolt M6
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