Trend SNAP/FLIP/SET Snappy flip driver set 4 piece

Trend SNAP/FLIP/SET Snappy flip driver set 4 piece

For tasks involving multiple piloted countersink and screwing work, the Trend Snappy Flip Bits are designed to speed up the task using a double-ended driver and countersink combination.
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A very fast and efficient way to pilot, countersink and drive screws by simply flipping the bit to move from drilling to driving, increasing productivity and efficiency across all working practices.

Supplied with quick-change shank for fitting into Trend Snappy Quick Chuck with three double ended screwdriver and piloted countersinks for No 6, 8 and 10 gauge screws.

Drill lengths can be adjusted for different piloting depths with each one fitted with No 2 Pozi drive insert bits.
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