Trend KWJ/OSD Worktop True Cut

Trend KWJ/OSD Worktop True Cut

Worktop Jig Accessory for making fast, accurate angled worktop joints to accommodate out of square walls

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  • 5027654071953
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  • ADAPTABLE ANGLE RANGE Can be used for acute and obtuse wall angles up to 25 degrees out of square
  • COMPATABILITY Works with Trend KWJ 750P Pro, KWJ 900P Pro, KWJ 700, KWJ 700S, KWJ 900 worktop jigs and jigs up to 12mm thick
  • EASY SETUP Fast alignment to the worktop edge ensures correct backset position
  • SIMPLE FOUR STEP PROCEDURE Measure, Mark, Clamp, Cut
  • PRECISION FIT Front edge pivot point alignment ensures the backset is correctly set to match the female cut
  • MULTI-PROFILE Works with any worktop edge profile from square edge to full bullnose
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Made from solid aluminium for maximum lifespan and accuracy
  • INTERLOCKING COMPONENTS Two-part construction with keyed interlock to swivel easily into place and clamp firmly onto the jig without slipping
  • ADJUSTABLE HANDLE High quality spring-loaded handle for fast adjustment and secure lock
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