Trend LOCK/JIG/B Adjustable Trade Lock Jig

Trend LOCK/JIG/B Adjustable Trade Lock Jig

Trend Lock Jig for mortice locks and latches - for faceplates up to 250mm long

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Infinitely adjustable sliding plates and stops for mortice and faceplates from 30mm up to 250mm long, ideal for use with obscure sized locks as well as all standard locks and latches.

For use in a 1/2in capacity router with 80mm plunge capacity fitted with a 30mm guidebush and 12mm cutter.

Suitable trend cutters: 3/75X1/2TC, TR37X1/2TC, C172X1/2TC

Engraved on underside to allow fast, accurate set up for common door widths of 35mm, 40mm, 44mm and 54mm.

The infinite adjustment range makes it the ideal jig for fitting the mortice positions for multi point lock strips into wooden doors.

With its adaptable sliding plate and stop adjustments it can be used with different guidebush diameters and straight cutters for general mortice work in construction projects.

Door thickness min.: 30 mm
Door thickness max.: 80 mm
Faceplate length min. (OL): 30 mm
Faceplate length max. (OL): 250 mm
Width: 22.5 mm
Width: 25.4 mm (1 inch)

Mortise width engraved size (D)

Width: 16 mm (5/8 inch)
Width: 19 mm (3/4 inch)
Min./Max, width: 12 mm/26 mm

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