Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - ENGLAND

Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - ENGLAND

Introducing the limited-edition England screwdriver set! 
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  • 05347820001
  • EAN
  • 4013288230423
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  • 05347820001
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Wearing the iconic St. George's shield, these screwdrivers are a symbol of strength, and quality and performance. Sporting a white and red jersey, each turn of the screw becomes a celebration of tradition and innovation!
The Kraftform Plus screwdrivers each feature a multi-component Kraftform Plus handle with hexagonal blade and bolster design for high torque transfer, maximum strength and durability. The Lasertip offers a more secure fit in the screwhead, for easy working and reduced chance of slippage.
The Kraftform Micro screwdrivers with free-spinning cap allow for speed of operation, power and precision. The Micro screwdriver features Wera Black Point tip offering high corrosion protection and an exact fit.
Of course, the fan favourite Bottle Opener is included.


PH2 x 100mm

PZ1 x 80mm

PZ2 x 100mm

Slotted; 1.0x5.5x100mm

Slotted; 1.2x6.5x125mm

Microslotted; 0.4x2.0x60mm

Micro PH0x60mm

Bottle Opener

Screwdriver Rack 

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