Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - SCOTLAND

Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - SCOTLAND

Introducing our new, limited-edition Scotland screwdriver set!
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  • 05347823001
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  • 4013288230454
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Wearing the traditional emblematic thistle, this set is a tribute to Scotland's rich and competitive heritage. Sporting a striking blue & white jersey, infuse every turn of the screw with the spirit of the Highlands.
The Kraftform Plus screwdrivers each feature a multi-component Kraftform Plus handle with hexagonal blade and bolster design for high torque transfer, maximum strength and durability. The Lasertip offers a more secure fit in the screwhead, for easy working and reduced chance of slippage.
The fan favourite Bottle Opener is included for your collection.


PH1 x80mm

PH2 x100mm

PZ1 x80mm

PZ2 x100mm

Slotted; 0.8x4.0x90mm

Slotted; 1.0x5.5x100mm

Slotted; 1.2x6.5x125mm

Bottle Opener

Screwdriver Rack

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