Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - IRELAND

Wera Sport Edition 8pc Screwdriver Set - IRELAND

Introducing the limited-edition Ireland screwdriver set. Éirinn go Brách!
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  • 05347822001
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  • 4013288230447
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Wearing the Irish shamrock stamp, this set embodies the symbol of the Emerald Isle. Sporting an iconic green & white jersey, channel the spirit of the shamrock and handle every turn of the screw with a touch of Irish charisma.
The Kraftform Plus screwdrivers each feature a multi-component Kraftform Plus handle with hexagonal blade and bolster design for high torque transfer, maximum strength and durability. The Lasertip offers a more secure fit in the screwhead, for easy working and reduced chance of slippage.
The fan favourite Bottle Opener is included for your collection.


PH2 x100mm

PZ1 x80mm

PZ2 x 100mm

Slotted; 1.0x5.5x100mm

Slotted; 1.2x6.5x125mm

TX20 x100mm

TX25 x100mm

Bottle Opener

Screwdriver Rack  

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